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From food allergy diagnosis, to living your best life

For many it can be overwhelming to adapt to lifestyle changes that are needed after being diagnosed with a severe food allergy, as well as coping with the worry of the physical danger that goes hand in hand with a diagnosis.


It's taken me years of research and living with food allergies to work out what the biggest areas of concern are, coping strategies and how you can still do all the things you loved before, whilst still keeping safe.

I've created an online course that will help you deal with the everyday challenges your Dr may not have mentioned.  You will feel empowered and learn how to regain control by ensuring you're confident in responding to an allergic reaction.

On top of that, I have a kind and welcoming community of like minded and supportive people for you to share experiences and make new friends with those who understand.

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My Story

I had my first anaphylactic shock in 2008 and since then have discovered I have allergies to foods I was previously fine with eating.


When my eldest daughter was born in 2016 she had symptoms of milk allergies which I did not recognize and it was put down to infant reflux by my GP. I continued despite the struggles to breastfeed, but it wasn't until I started to wean at 6 months that I discovered she has multiple life-threatening food allergies, suffering her first anaphylactic reaction at 8 months old.

Absolutely terrifying, heartbreaking, and living in constant anxiety that she does not come into contact with her allergens has taken over my life. I had very little practical or emotional support and so I've made it my top priority to find out everything I can to keep us safe.  


I feel prepared, I'm organised and feel more in control. We have as much fun as everyone else and we try to not let it stop us from enjoying experiences and living the life we dream.


I specialise in helping parents, carers in childcare as well as food service businesses, feel prepared and confident in understanding how to prevent reactions, to quickly identify signs of anaphylaxis and how to administer emergency treatment. 

You can really make a huge difference to someone's life, make it your priority to find out more.


Manpreet Azad
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